How to make liver treats for your dog

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Place liver on your board and slice in 0.5cm/5mm or 1/4" thick slivers.

Place slivers onto paper lined tray/sheet.

Place in a LOW oven, approx. 120C/250F for 2-3hrs, or until dried out and crisp.

Liver should look similar to this halfway through.

Alternatively you could use a dehydrator.

Lay out slivers and place in dehydrator. Check manual for time needed. Approx. appearance halfway through.

Appearance when dried out in oven after 2hrs.

Appearance when dried out in dehydrator after 6hrs.

Bottom left is the oven dried treat. Top right is the dehydrator version.

Oven Pros: quicker and quieter. Oven Cons: liver aroma whilst drying was quite strong.

Dehydrator Pros: less 'aromatic' than the oven process. Dehydrator Cons: took three times longer and noisier.

Store in ziplock bags or containers.

As these are not salted or processed with chemical preservatives, keep an eye on them for signs of deterioration in crispness or signs of spoilage.

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