How to make a duct tape bag!!!!

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You need to get different colours duct tape that you want your bag, you need an exacto knife. You can find most of this stuff at Walmart or the Dollar store.

You can make this what ever color you want. You start by 18 inch strips of any colour and you need 17 of those it does not matter if the strips are evan you are going to cut those later.

You lay them sticky side up and try not to get any wrinkles then get 17 more strips then put the strips one by one on the each other then do that with the other 17 other strips then put that aside.

You need 8 35 inch strips and put them one by one on each other then take out the peace that you put aside then attach it to of the short ends and it is lined up and in the middle.

You put 4 strips horizontally the the rest vertical in any colour you want then one more horizontal one to hide the uneven edges then trim any uneven edges.

Take the two folds that you did first and fold them in then out the fold the back part all the way around so the flat in the front.

Use a small piece of duct tape and put it on one side of the back of the backpack then stick the one side to the side of the backpack then do same to other side Get velcro and attach it to your bag.

To make the straps you need pieces of fabric cut to the size you want it. Cover the straps in duct tape in any design you want.

I hope you enjoy this duct tape school bag

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