How to make chicken curry (two people)

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Prepare two boneless skinless chicken breast.

Prepare a fresh onion

Prepare a potato (based on personal preference)

One piece of curry

Cut the onion into bite-sized pieces.

Also cut the chicken breast into the bite-sized pieces.

Cut the potato into bite-sized pieces.

Put appropriate amount of vegetable oil. Turn the fire to the high level, and wait for half minute.

Put the cut onions into the pot. Stir-fire the onions until it looks like softer.

Put the chicken breast to the pot and also stir-fire the chicken until the color turn to white.

Now put the whole piece of curry into the pot. And also need to continue stir-fire the chicken. (The amount of curry is based on personal flavor)

After the curry melt within the chicken and onions, put 250ml water into the chicken curry. (Amount of water is based on the personal flavor)

After put 250ml water into the pot, still stay the fire to medium level and let it boil for 8-10mins.

After boiled for 8-10mins, put the potatoes into the pot and let it boil for 20mins. The fire stay in medium level.

After the previous step, is good to eat. But it is based on personal flavor, if you don't like heavy flavored, you absolutely can put more water to make it lighter.

You done! Enjoy!

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