How to make a diy bath bomb

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First, gather the supplies needed to make the bath bomb.

After you have gathered your ingredients, get a big bowl for the dry ingredients. Add one half cup citric acid.

With the same big bowl, add one half cup of Epsom salt.

Next, add one third cup of corn starch.

Lastly, put one cup of baking soda into the bowl with the other dry ingredients.

Now, whisk the dry ingredients throughly.

Moving onto the wet ingredients, you will need a smaller bowl. Add three quarters teaspoon of water into a small mixing bowl.

After you add the water into the small bowl, add one tablespoon essential oil.

Now, add one tablespoon of olive oil into the wet mixture.

Lastly, add a couple drops of food coloring. The amount of food coloring can vary for what color you want the bath bomb to look like. Then, whisk the wet ingredients together.

Now, pour the wet ingredients into the big mixing bowl with the dry.

Then, whisk the wet and dry ingredients together.

Compact the mixture into its mold.

Let the mixture stay in the mold for two minutes.

Take the bath bomb out of the mold and let them dry over night. After that, they are ready to use!

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