How to get rid of fuzz on tna leggings

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You first get your nice new leggings you think wow these are going to last me forever! A few weeks later you start to get small white fuzzies all over them, especially where your legs rub together...

First put your leggings in the dryer by them selves. If you are unable to do this, if you have an iron, then iron the spots where there are fuzzies.

While your leggings are cooling off, get long strips of tape ready to layer on the fuzzies. I used duck tape but any tape really works. (Putting the leggings in the dryer or ironing loosens the fuzz)

Put the duck tape on fuzzy areas on leggings and rub the tape hard onto the leggings

Next you just rip off the tape and enjoy your new looking tna leggings!

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