How to create a fabric dreamcatcher using tcw stencils

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Ink your stencil and use it like a stamp on fabric

Let it dry and heat set with iron

Do the same with for your fabric feathers

Apply a coat of clear gesso to prep the fabric for painting

Do the same for the feathers

Measure and cut various lengths of ribbon

Attach into the embroidery hoop

Prepped feathers!

Begin your watercolor painting!

Cut your feathers following the pattern

Attach sewing a simple stitch

Paint, scrunch and dry your ribbons

Very boho chic!

Using your stencil and a waterproof pen add the words

A closer look!

Secure it by stitching all around

Feathers!!! I painted them in the back just in case they twirl to the opposite side

Enjoy your fabric dream catcher, come and see more on my blog

Watch the video: Unboxing TCW 2020 Stencils

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