How to create a pull out tag card by joanne bain

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These are the tags you will need to create the card.

This is my finished pull out tag card. I chose to embellish with Graphic 45 Ladies Diary Collection.

Get both large square tags and trim 2.5cm off of the bottom of both and set aside.

Remove the eyelet out of the top of the word tag.

Trim the top off of the other small tag as shown.

Attach the trimmed small tag to the back of the word tag as shown. PLEASE NOTE - Do not glue the word side as you want to be able to slip your choice of paper in between the tags behind the word later

Fold over the top of the word tag as shown. This will be how we stop the tag from pulling entirely out of the inside of the card.

Cut 2 strips of Cardstock approximately 1cm wide and just under the full width of the large square tag as shown.

Attach as shown. PLEASE NOTE - only glue the ends of the strip as this is what the small tag will catch onto inside the card.

Now add the small tag and attach the other Cardstock strip over the top. Once again only attach the ends.

Attach as shown.

Now attach the top tag. Only glue around the edge of the tag as we want the small tag to push inside of it.

Now you will need the square tag bottoms that were trimmed off. Attach to the bottom of the word tag as shown. Be sure to line it up with the top piece of the tag.

Attach top piece as shown.

Make sure it all lines up.

Now we are ready to slide the tag inside the top of the card.

Keep pushing inside :)

Nearly closed....

Fully closed and the size of the original square tag. Ready for you to embellish any was you choose.

The inside of the card fully extended out.

Sharing how I chose to embellish my card :)

Fussy cut lace from the Ladies Diary collection.

Lots of fussy cut layers :)

Tag all closed up :)

Thank you for viewing my tutorial. Joanne Bain -

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