How to paint a beautiful canvas

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Hello! Thanks for coming into my Snapguide Tutorial!

I started out by stamping Persimmon Velvet with bubble wrap onto my canvas.

I painted over with Lemon Tart Velvet.

I used a paper towel to make this impression into the Orchid Bouquet Velvet.

I ran a rotary mark maker through Persimmon Velvet, here.

I sprayed through a stencil with Grass Colorations.

I made drips with Barbie Colorations.

Next, I collaged some papers randomly onto the canvas.

These are the wood elements from Melissa Frances that I chose for this piece.

I decided to use this cute oval frame from Melissa Frances.

I stamped this stamp from Technique Junkies onto pattern tissue paper. Literally, paper from a dress pattern. lol Then, I collaged it onto the canvas.

I pushed Mud Texture Medium through the Kaleidoscope Stencil.

I prepared the wood pieces with gesso and collaged a pretty patterned paper onto the top portion of the dress form.

I painted some Pixie Sorbet over some of the texture so the Pixie would settle into the crevasses.

I wanted to collage this pretty napkin onto the canvas, so I had to separate the layers, first. This napkin had 3 layers. I only used the very top one for this project.

I mixed some Tuxedo Velvet with Immaculate Minx to make a gray paint.

This is a different view of the same thing, but it's more accurate to what it really is, which is Persimmon Velvet through the Blocked Stencil.

I made a skirt onto this dress form using strips of fabric and laced trim.

I blocked off the top portion of this canvas and sprayed Silk Tie onto the bottom portion of the canvas.

I was sad that I had covered up all of the stamped pattern tissue paper with more layers so I tried stamping that stamp with white ink. It worked, but we can't see the detail so much.

Here it is again, the stamped Botanicals Collage stamp and the Small Dots stamp.

I added trim to the canvas where the sprayed portion meets the non-sprayed portion of the canvas. I painted the Beautiful Wood element with Enchanting and Immaculate Minx that I had mixed together.

And, here is the completed canvas. I painted the oval frame the same way I did the Beautiful Wood element. I added silver cardstock to the back of the oval frame to make it look like a mirror.

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