How to create an archivist to embossing folder graphic 45

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Select your favorite Graphic 45 papers.

Keep close your materials and tools.

Cut 2 pieces from cardboard 16x17 1 piece 17x6 and 1 13.5x4cms.

Cut 2 pieces of papel from Graphic 45 at 19x20cms.

In this step you can use your favorite product to paste the paper at the covers.

Cut corners at 45 degrees.

Paste the large sides first.

I recommend put a sign to know wich is the large side.

Now the short sides.

Good job! Now we have the covers.

In the book-cover fabric punch the large side.

it looks beautiful this kind of punch in the corners. U don´t?

Paste the book-covering fabrics to the covers with 0.5 mm between one ich other.

It should look like.

Put a sign to place the embellissement in the book Spine.

Make the necessary holes in the spine of the book with your favorite tool.

It should look like.

The small carton will stick on a piece of book-cover fabric of 13.5x4cms.

We place our ring binder.

Make the necessary holes with your favorite tool.

Glued to the inside spine of the book.

Cut 2 pieces of paper 16.5x15cms.

Glued them on the inside covers. We are almost finish.

Now we will use the fuse tool. Yuhuuuu! I love this tool.

We measure the size of our portfolio of embossing and cut paper with a centimeter over each side and place it inside the plastic cover.

Roll it edge of the paper on the plastic cover.

...and now we have our plastic cover perfect size for our folders Embossing. Put them in your new folder.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you will be encouraged to show your creation. Thank u!

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