How to make the best crock pot pot roast

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Slice your onion and place it in the bottom of the crock pot. Top onions with carrots ( I'm using rainbow carrots).

Peel you parsnip and cut into big chunks.

Place parsnips on top of your carrots and onions.

Mix your packets water together til well blended.

Place your roast on the bed of vegetables.

With your hands, blend your chopped garlic and 1/2 stick of butter together.

Cut the ends of your artichokes and stuff the garlic butter mixture in the crevices.

Place them in the pot where they will not tip over. I've wedged mine beside the meat.

Top your roast with pats of the butter you have left. Cook Low for 6-8 hours or High for 4 hours.

Yum. Serve with a side of rice topped with the delicious gravy. My kids didn't care for the parsnips but I thought they were delicious. Would be great with broccoli as well.

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