How to spray paint indoors + upgrade old school chairs

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Found these chairs for free didn't quite like the blue color with our dining table, so decided to paint them black

The backrest was irremovable, so it had to be covered

First tape on the ends

Then cutting up a plastic bag...

... for the rest

Luckily the seats would come of

I'm lazy, using my screwing machine

Oh my, so dirty... It is very important to clean every surface you want to paint or the painting job won't last for long

Now for the plastic cage in which you will paint your objects

Start by cutting your plastic bags. Cut of the bottom and cut open one of the sides. You will end up with a 120x120cm plastic sheet. Repeat 8 times

Use duct tape to assemble all the sheets into one large sheet, this sheet will be your four walls

Hang your sheet up like this, leaving an opening in the cage

Use additionally two sheets to make a floor, tape it on to the walls to make it air tight, you wouldn't want spray paint seeping out on your floor 😬

The cage might be shorter than the height of your room, unless you're painting a very tall object it won't be a problem. I used painters tape to hold up the walls

Finished plastic cage, notice that it is placed by the windows for good air environment

The opening is also next to the window

Here it is taped together in the top, this is your door

Before we start painting, wear proper clothes, this is messy. I used these beauties, works for rain works for paint 😆

This is one of the most important steps. Protect your lungs, wear a mask! This mask was used while painting only one chair. It used to be white! My point is you don't want that filth in your lungs!!

Also open a window, you don't want to fill your apartment with aerosol-gasses...

Place the object in the corner opposite from your "door", never spray towards the "door"

Supposing you can follow instructions given on a spray can, let's jump to the finished product. Tadaa

Finished with seat back on. A future project would be to stain the wood. Wouldn't it look cool with dark brown stained seat and backrest?

After removing the cage, I only had to sweep the floor, no harm done. Leave your windows open for the rest of the day. Feel free to comment and check out my other guides 😉

Watch the video: How to Use Paint and Stains to get an old weathered wood farmhouse style finish. Easy to do

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