How to make easy and healthy greek yogurt pancakes

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Ingredients: oats, egg, low fat greek yogurt, fry light (for the pan)

Tools: non-stick pan, measuring cups, bowl, tablespoon, fork, spatula

Mix oats, greek yogurt and egg together until it looks something like this

Heat pan (medium heat). Add the mix with the tablespoon (makes 3 thick pancakes)

Heat until golden on both sides.

Stack on a plate and serve with maple sirup and fruit (I served mine with pomegranate seeds). Enjoy😋

Serving idea #2: blueberries, greek yoghurt and coconut 😋

Seeving idea #3: raspberries and pb2 + have some raspberries in the pancake mix for a fresh taste.

Serving idea #4: serve with berries , banana and yoghurt on the side.

Watch the video: Greek Yogurt Pancakes!! EASY RECIPE Chrissie

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