How to make green apple boba

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I've only been able to find these kinds of pearls at local Asian stores, the small white ones. I'm hoping to buy the black ones online after I use all in this bag.

I'm making extra because you can save them in the fridge for up to four days.

Boil water first! Cold water will not lead to happiness.. I found this out.

Once water is boiling add your pearls.

Wiki says it takes 30 mins after they start to float. It is going to take a loooong time but use your own judgment. It should be chewy but not chalky in the middle. Remember to stir frequently.

Finished pearls, I like mine a little more firm, so if you want more tender just keep boiling.

I got this cup when I ordered Boba from a local Pho restaurant and I kept it to use. It has the big straw for sucking up pearls. Put pearls in bottom of cup.

The rest go in the fridge for later, they can be reheated with a quick dip in boiling water.

I bought green apple syrup from the local Asian market and I'm lactose intolerant but you can use any dairy, cream, milk, it just makes it creamy instead of watery.

Mix crushed ice, syrup, and milk.

Blend until smooth and then enjoy!! This one was made with green apple syrup but you can use any flavor or even fresh fruit.

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