How to make peanut butter martini mousse

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Basic first 3 ingredients

Whip up 1 packet of cream with 2-3 tbsp of milk. Use electric mixer by all means. I don't have it atm hence I've to do manually

Take Good quality Peanut butter

Cream cheese. Let them be at room temperature to ease up the mixing. I'm doin it manually, it's best done with an electric mixer

Add sugar too and Keep mixing

Add some milk

Keep whipping until homogeneous

Smooth like this

Close shot

Take out your refrigerated whipped cream to add to the mousse to lighten it up


Fold in gently. To incorporate air


Melt sugar to make caramelized peanut shards

Add roasted n salted peanuts. Heat

Add some butter. Just a little. It'll add more flavor to the caramel and make it like toffee


Spread on a baking sheet

Refrigerate until hardens

When done after an hour or two; take out from the fridge and break off shards

Pour chilled mousse in martini glasses; garnish with dark chocolate shavings and caramelized peanut shards

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