How to make a halloween lantern from a jar with aa paints

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Start with clear gesso. Apply one layer.

When it's dry, we can play with our paints. First color is Mayan Gold. Paint a jar using a piece of sponge.

Then we add some orange - Tango Velvet.

A little bit of Persimmon touch...

More pink, using Fiesta.

At the end add some Mardi Gras, it gives depth to our lantern. And there is our little piece of sponge, which do all work in this project :)

When our Jar is dry, we can make some more texture. I've chosen Art Anthology stencil - Take flight. Attach it to the Jar, using masking tape.

Apply Tuxedo with a sponge, through the stencil.

Do it around the Jar. It's almost done. I add also some tuxedo on the top of Jar.

It looks nice, I think. Really quick and cheap, but i like it. Thank you for stopping by. Fore more please visit Art Anthology blog :) Marta De.

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