How to make nam kao (fried curry rice)

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Chop up kafir leaves. I actually used many more than this. Slice them thinly. (I think I used a handful, I love the smell in my rice)

Add it to your already steamed and cooled down rice. (Oh yeah, make sure the steamed rice is cooled a little)

Add a bag of coconut flakes. Mix in.

Add a can of red curry paste.

Seperate the yolk from an egg. I did 3 eggs.

Mix yolks into rice mixture. The best way is by hand. And I recommend wearing gloves.

After everything is all mixed, make balls of rice by hand. Make them as tight as possible so they don't fall apart while frying.

Now drop them into the hot oil and fry away! (Smells amaze balls) Fry until they are golden brown. Or if you're like me, a deep golden for extra crisp.

Meanwhile, cut up the ham. Small pieces or slivers.

Once rice is done frying, drain them on paper towels and break them up into a large bowl.

Add ham. Mix.

Now season with fish sauce, sugar, lime juice. (Msg opt) I always start lightly, then mix and taste. Adjusting as I mix and taste.

Once you're satisfied with the taste, add in the herbs. I used cilantro and green onions. Mix.

Final product. 😋

I like to eat mine with lettuce, dried red chilies and peanuts. Bon apetit!

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