How to create a homework station

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For this project I have used the covers of a Graphic 45 Book Box - Kraft, and ABC Primer deluxe collector´s.

And a piece of cotton fabric for the spine


Mark four can use the buttons like a template..

You must punch four small holes in the spine on top shown.

Adhere your piece of fabric with glue and cover the spine front as shown.

Cut a piece of paper and use adhesive to adhere it to the exterior cardboard .

Like this...

Cut a piece of paper, insert four eyelets and use adhesive to adhere it to the interior cardboard .

Like this...

Thread one tail of elastic twine through the eyelete..through the front first hole and pull the tails through the back hole.

...This is the result!

Now, with a pencil and a piece of paper, start rolling the piece around it..

Glue the right edge overlapping the left to finish off the pencil.

Choose this A B C chipboards and adhere them to 3D adhesive dots.

Adhere the 3D buttons as the spine..

This is the result!

Make a school notebook..

includes some pockets...and you have finished your Homework Station!!

Enjoy it!

Watch the video: Creating A Homework Station For Your Child. Smead 2-Minute Tips

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