How to make seafood sausage in a combitherm oven

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Gather mise en place.

Rough chop scallops and shrimp (remove tails). Combine scallops and all but 1/4 of chopped shrimp in food processor. Add eggs, heavy cream, green onion, salt, and pepper. Process until smooth.

Fold remaining chopped shrimp and red pepper into the mousse.

Place a sheet of plastic film on a flat surface. Place portion of mousse onto plastic.

Roll mousse in plastic to form a cylinder.

Tie off one end of cylinder.

Twist plastic to form sausage. Tie off the other end.

Place in 4.10 combi oven.

Low temp steam at 170F (77C) for 17 min.

Remove from plastic wrap.

Slice and serve. The sausage can also be browned in some butter for added texture/flavor.

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