How to make hand-made hands

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Cut the straws into tiny pieces, about half an inch long.

Cut the rubber bands so it is about 7 inches long with out stretching.

Clear tape on a tape dispenser is ideal for this activity.

Foam plates


Children scissors

1/8" width fabric ribbon cut about 10 inches long

Place your hand on the plate and trace it with a marker. An adult hand will work best for this activity so there is more space to work with.

It is preferred to draw/cut a little bigger than your fingers. Also leave on the curl side of the plate for your wrist.

Bend the fingers to create joints. For the thumb, make two creases, for the rest of your fingers, make three creases.

Make sure that the bends are coming towards the wrist.

Turn to the back of the hand and grab 5 pieces of rubber band.

Grab a long piece of tape and tape the rubber band onto the back of each finger. The rubber bands will act as the tendons in your hand (two people may be required for this part).

Next grab straw bits, two for the thumb and three for each of the four fingers.

Tape the straw piece across the finger. The straw will play as the bones in your hands so place them between the joints.

After you have taped all your "bones", grab 5 pieces of fabric ribbon. (the ribbon will play as your muscles)

Thread the ribbon through the straw pieces.

Pull the end of the ribbon to the back and tape it down.

After threading and taping down all the ribbons, tape another straw piece on the middle of the wrist.

Thread all 5 pieces of ribbon through the straw piece.

Bend all the joints again.

Hold the hand with one hand and pull the strings with your other hand.

Here is the link to the video on how to make "Hand Made Hands" :

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