How to get biker hair (from teen beach movie)

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Gather your supplies.

Brush out hair.

Take two small sections of hair and put one over your left shoulder and one over your right. Put the rest back in a pony tail.

Take a handful of hair on the top of your head and put it in a messy bun. Leave the strands that you put in the front where they are.

Put the bottom section in a pony and take out the messy bun. Still do not touch the front sections.

Hair spray all you have teased.

Use your small elastic band to tie hair about half way up the beehive. WARNING! If your beehive is messy brush it out before putting in the elastic band. We had to do that.

(After we brushed it) :)

Randomly place bobby pins in the back. You can use as many as you will need.

Bobby pin that back.

Oh and I forgot to tell you take the ponytail at the bottom out.

Part hair where wanted.

Watch the video: Falling For Ya. Teen Beach Movie. Disney Channel

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