How to cook indian style mushroom with peppers and peas

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Prepare all the ingredients. As for the mushrooms use a combination you like. Avoid portebello as it will turn the dish black. Cut or tear mushroom into 2cm slices.

Hear 2tbsp oil and sauté mushroom with a little salt.

Remove when you have a lovely golden tinge

Hear balance oil and fry onion.add salt so it draws moisture and caramalise.

Add grated ginger & garlic and lightly crushed coriander seeds. Cook till its fragrant

Add all dry spices. Fry for a minute.

Add a slit red chilli.remove the seeds if you like it less hot. Now add the tomato purée. Cook for 10 minutes. The gravy will thicken,

Now for a splash of colour- add diced capsicum and frozen peas

Cook for 4 minutes. Adjust seasoning.

This is optional. You may add 2tbsp of yoghurt, thickened cream, cream, Crème Fraîche or even sour cream to make this dish creamier.

Return the sautéed mushrooms.Cook for a further 3 Minutes and its ready

Serve it with warm basmati rice. Garnish with some coriander leaves.

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