How to make a cutting board

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We collected some scrap wood from Miele Dishwasher packaging. There are 4 pieces of wood per dishwasher. So it takes a bit of collecting to get enough pieces.

I believe the wood is Maple. It's good and hard. They are 33" long and 5/8" X 1".

I gather all the pieces of wood. I'm looking for the straightest ones to use. I'm needing about 16 pieces. That ends up being 9 3/4" wide. If you want a bigger one than add more pieces of wood.

This is the glue I used. And the Tung oil.

I place the wood on two pipe clamps and turn them on their sides. I apply the glue to the 1" side of the wood. I use a brush to spread the glue. Use a good amount of glue.

Allow the glue to dry a bit to get tacky.

Start flipping the boards and put them together.

I use a straight edge to line up one end of the boards.

Start clamping the wood together. Any glue that squeezes out can be wiped away with a damp cloth.

I put on 3 heavy duty clamps. 2 on one side and 1 on the other side.

I added a couple of smaller clamps to help hold it together. I let this sit over night. This piece is the smaller board. It has 10 pieces and is 6 1/8" wide.

This piece has to go through the planer a few more times to get the ridges smoothed out.

This piece is smooth enough to continue.

I cut the boards in half. They are easier to work with when sanding.

I use a palm sander. It's comfortable size to use than the bigger ones. I use a variety of different grit sand paper. I start with 80, then 100, 150, and finish with 220.

Once I finish sanding the board with all grits of sandpaper, it's ready for some oil. I coat the board with a thin layer of Tung oil. I let it dry over night then add another coat. Repeat 5-10 times

After sanding I add my initials with letter stamps. I also put the year on it as a reference.

Make sure the Tung oil is 100% pure or is safe for food use! Others may contain chemicals you don't want to consume!!

Start spreading oil on!

Waiting for the boards to dry to put on more coats of oil.

Here is the finished product! We gave these away as Christmas gifts! They were happy to have them!!

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