How to make a starfish money origami

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Welcome pika and miyu says happy halloween :)

How to make a starfish out of five single US dollar bills. Front view

Back view

Fold the dollar in half to create a crease in the middle.

Like so and reopen

Crease is made shown here in the middle

Turn it around

Take a corner and fold to the crease we made

Do the same to the other corner

Flip the dollar over. Fold the dollar over and use the tip of the triangle as a pointer to stop at the ribbon shown on the pyramid.

Flip the dollar over Fold a corner to the crease as shown

Do the same for the other corner Take the new corners and fold again as shown in next pic

Fold again to make a slim arrow as shown (folding both over to the middle crease)

Flip it over

Fold the bottom up like so

And fold the top to the bottom like so

Create a crease by folding what we just did in two steps before in half

Now carefully from the bottom roll it into the end of the arrow point like so. Imagine rolling up a poster.

Go all the way til you cant anymore

Rolling rolling rolling

Ding ! Done

Repeat steps til you create five pieces. You can make two front and three back side or you can make two back and three front.

Carefully stick one end into the back side of the second piece like so

Second view

Now take the left side thats sticking out into the front of the first piece. Theres a slot to slip it into. Like a pocket.

Repeat until you have a full star - color coordinate if u want to with your front and back side pieces or make them all the same it dont matter !

Keep going

Ok last piece to stick in with the others and ...

Getting there

Now push the pieces and form it the way you want into a star

Tada good job !!! Its a star !!! Haha

Hope you enjoy and had fun :) any questions well nobody got time for that !!! Jk ask away thank you.

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