How to stream music from iphone 6 through home stereo

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Adding streaming music from your iPhone 6 thru older home stereo without Bluetooth is as easy as one, two, three.

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This gadget from provides an easy and inexpensive solution to quickly connect your New iPhone 6 and play streaming music through your old stereo

To broadcast streaming music is easy with this transmitter. Simply match the station preset to the matching setting on the transmitter. You are ready to send streaming music through your home stereo.

Connect the fm transmitter to the iPhone 6 headphone connector.

Once the preset station is set, you can choose your streaming music from Pandora, Spotify, iTune Radio, or iHeartradio and listen it through your home stereo speakers.

Your iPhone now becomes a remote control for your home stereo. You can even use the volume control to control the sound.

You can still use the volume control to adjust the master volume on your home stereo

You are now free to move around with the iPhone 6 in your pocket. Music will be broadcast from your iPhone thru your home stereo fm radio.

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check out this demo video

Watch the video: Play Your Music Wirelessly On ANY Home Stereo


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