How to hook up droid dna to home stereo wirelessly

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You have an old home stereo/ entertainment center that still sounds good but lack of the latest technology such as bluetooth or wifi , but you want to connect it to your latest Droid DNA by HTC Phone

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You can listen to the sound from your Droid DNA by HTC / Butterfly through your older stereo using this amazing aFM music transmitter from

IMB aFM Music transmitter provides a quick and inexpensive way to connect your Droid DNA by HTC / Butterfly to your older stereo without App, Bluetooth, WiFi, Aux / RCA jack.

IMB aFM wirelessly connects to your home stereo via FM Radio without wire, battery, app, or expensive modification from your Droid DNA by HTC

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Make sure your home stereo radio dial is set at 87.9 which matches the setting on the aFM Music Transmitter

FIXED preset setup that defeat unwanted radio signal instead of sharing and overcasting to an existing one to provides a CD quality sound without a hint of distortion, crackle or static noise.

Connect the aFM Music Transmitter to the Droid DNA by HTC / Butterfly Android Phone

For optimal sound quality, set the volume on your Droid DNA by HTC/ Butterfly Android phone to about 80 percent,

Set the volume on your home stereo to your desire level.

That is it! You are all set to enjoy the surround sound experiences from your home entertainment center from your Droid DNA by HTC / Butterfly. Wirelessly!

You are now free to sit on the couch, move around the living room and enjoy the best speakers around you. See a Youtube video demo @

Get this awesome gadget from

Check out this demo video @

Watch the video: HTC Droid DNA -- How Do I Connect to WiFi

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