How to make million dollar sandwiches

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If y'all like easy..this recipe is for you. Take 24 rolls, remove and slice

Go ahead and start your butter melting .. One stick

Slice rolls just enough to keep top attached

Slice of ham

Cut sliced cheese into 4's so that it will fit onto roll better. I used smoked provolone but you can substitute swiss or whatever your liking

Cheese, on top of ham

This is a great thing to do w a lot of kids. They make a little assembly line and stack sandwiches for me. Place in casserole dish. Squeeze them all in!

Now that the butter is melted..

Add a few shakes of Worcestershire sauce. About 2 teaspoons

Then add a tsp of mustard (more if you like). I dont care for dijon mustard but you could certainly use dijon in place of the yellow mustard

And lastly 2 TB brown sugar

Paint this over the rolls and bake at 350° for 15-20 minutes

They're done when the cheese is melty and the tops are toasted and bubbly

Kid approved

Pack up leftovers! They are great the next day. Enjoy!

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