How to cook shortcut chicken and dumplings

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Chop up veggies. I leave some in large chunks for removal after flavoring, but also use diced veggies for color and texture.

Add broth and veggies to large pot over medium heat. Let that come up just to simmer while you prep the chicken.

I don't usually cut my chicken, but if you have really big pieces you can. You'll just be shredding them later. Add them to the pot!

Note: bone-in/skin on is fine. In fact, better. Skin and bone adds even more flavor. You'll want to remove them later as they are not texturally pleasing in the finished product.

Now is a good time to add in poultry seasoning and pepper. No salt yet! I suggest parsley, sage, rosemary and marjoram. If you're feeling froggy, add celery seed. Dried is best. Fresh will wilt :(

When the chicken is cooked through (or almost) pull it out and let it cool on a cutting board while you pull out the large chunks of veggies. Skim the fat off the top if you're that worried about it.

Put the biscuits on stacks of 3-4 and roll them out gently with a rolling pin or you can flatten with your palm. You'll probably need flour. This is the shortcut bit if you weren't sure.

Use a pizza cutter to make the dumplings. It's the easiest method I've encountered.

Start plopping them in! Separate the biscuits you stacked as you throw them in. They'll float like delicious little boats.

The dumplings are going to expand a lot when they first start cooking. They will reduce slightly in size before all is said and done. Let them simmer on med-low while you cut the chicken up.

Shred some, cube some. That way you get chicken all the way through AND big bites here and there. Put it back in the pool.

If your chicken wasn't fully cooked, it's okay! It'll finish cooking in the broth. Just be sure to wash your hands and sanitize surfaces. Once your chicken is cooked, it's ready for noms! Eat!

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