How to do a sugar skull make up

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Start with a clean face.

Now comes the sticky part! You have to cover your eyebrows with a glue stick! Skulls don't have brows, so we need to hide them. Don't be scared! You can wash the glue off with warm water

If there are any clumps, take a wet q-tip and smudge them.

Take transloucent powder and put it over the glue. Repeat this steps as needed. I had to do two layers. This depends on the thickness of your brows.

Take white aqua make up and a foundation brush. Cover your whole face with it, despite two circles around your eyes. Try to make the color as even as possible!

Put your powder over it after it has dried, to set the make up.

Color your upper and lower waterline with black liner.

Draw a circle around each eye and a spadeshade around your nose (leave white in the middle for the nasal bone). Those lines are just guides and don't have to be perfect!

Draw little petals around the eye sockets. And an upside-down Hershey's kiss shape on your forehead 😉

Draw a combweb on your chin.

And shape your maxillary.

Draw some swirls here and there.

Now color your sockets in with black aqua make up.

Take a thin eyeliner brush and fill in your nose. Make sure to paint inside the nostrils as well, if yours are as big as mine 😆 (I know, I look like a panda with those ears..)

Now bring your sketched designs to perfection!

Bring a little bit of shape to your skull with black eyeshadow.

Draw your teeth

Lets bring some color in! I took a shiny red liguid eyeshadow and colored the combweb in.

.. The Hershey's kiss as well.

With an angle brush and black eyeshadow draw some details on your forehead.

Edge the design with the black aqua color.

Color the petals in and edge them as well. Draw a little dot into each petal.

Put little red dots/tears here and there and...

You are done!!!

I hope you enjoyed! Also check out my guide on how to do the flower headband! 💕

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