How to cook healthy homemade fish tacos

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The ingredients

First make the tacos: You need to mix 2 cups of special taco corn flour called: harina de maiz with 1.5 cups of warm water and 2 spoons of oil. Work the dough for 4 min

The dough

Work the dough

Divide the dough into small balls

Cover the balls with a moist towl

In order to flat the dough all u need is 2 plastic bags and a heavy pot. U place the dough ball in between the two plastic bags and press it with the pot

The dough between the bags

Pressing the dough with a heavy pot

This is how it should look after pressing

After ur taco dough, is pressed and its ready for cook. Just place a dry frying pan without oil!! And cook the taco for 2 min from one side and then for 1 min on the other side, taco is ready :)

Frying the taco on the pan

Ready tacos :)

Now u are going to make all the additions to the taco: Guacamole, Mexican salsa, Some veggies, Fish

Guacamole: U need: tomatoes, avocado, hot chili, coriander, onion, garlic and lime

The ingredients

Pilling the avocado

Mashing the avocado

Chopped fine the ingredients

Add everything to the bowl. Season it with salt, black pepper and lime

Mexican salsa: Tomatoes Chili pepper Coriander Lime Olive oil

The ingredients

Chopped fine ingredients

Mix all the ingredients and season them with lime, olive oil, salt and pepper

All the rest of the veggies: Cabbage Green onion Chili pepper Radish Coriander

Chopped veggies

Making of the fish filet: Just add a sip of olive oil to the frying pan and fry the fish. First fire the fish skin down until it's crispy and then flip it

After flipping


Now is the fun part: making your taco. Just add any of the adding that we made and put it on the taco.

You can see also some other sauces that I made there. Hot green chili: made out of green chilies, garlic, olive oil and coriander. Sour white cheese and red peppers sauce

Ready for styling :)

My combination

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