How to Make Melon Soup (Nigerian Way- Ijebu)

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Gather d ingredient together

Blend d melon seeds, peppers n crayfish together. D end result should be watery but nt runny like a nys rich chocolate drink

Blend till its really smooth n u can't see any granules. Myt take a while to achieve dt :) xcept ur blender is really gd ;)

As I'm using palm oil, make sure it's melted n hot but nt too hot before u add d blended ingredient.

Should look like this when u pour in d blended mix. Do not cover n put on medium heat. Covering It makes it curdle which is not for this type of soup. When it boils out like properly, then cover.

After u cover let it cook for about 15mins then add d chicken stock/ cubes. Then add d chicken n beef cutlets.

With d beef n chicken, I let it cool fr another 20mins depending on how tender u want them. But d longer d better :)

Make it's still a bit watery because it thickens up when it's cold. Enjoy with rice, semolina or even on its own.

Watch the video: How to make Nigerian Egusi Soup Melon and veg.

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