How to Make an Apple Swan Decoration

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1st take you apple

Cut of two slices

So you get a flat surfers

No cut down but not thru

So you have a peace like this

Now do the same again

So cutting out peace but not all the way thru

Keep going try for 3 pieces the 1st time till you get the hang of it 4 is great but you can get to 5 wow , also works great with water melon

So this is what you want

Now do the same on the outer side

So when your done doing both sides

Now use one of the 1st bottom slices and cut the shape of a swan neck

Cut in a beak and I use a pice of skin for the eye

Putting it together , put some lemon juice in a spry bottle and spray it all to stop it going brown

Not the best angel but you get the idea :))

Watch the video: How to make a perfect APPLE SWAN. Fruit carving ideas

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