How to Cook Lemon Herb Stuffed Artichoke

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Ingredients :)

First prepare your artichoke by cutting off stem...

And the top...

Then cutting the edges of the leaves with scissors

Spread open to prepare for stuffing.

Looks like pretty flowers☺ Warning! Before you reach the heart there is a small hairlike section to discard before eating the heart. You can scoop out the center as you prep the artichoke. I didn't ..

Grab your plain breadcrumb ...

I used lemon thyme but you can use any herb you want... Also pull out some sundried tomatoes

Chop up as such...

I pinch the herb and chop it ...

Chop up the garlic as well...

Add the breadcrumb, Tomatoe, garlic, herbs, salt & pepper into mixing bowl. You can squeeze half a lemon into the mix as well

Pour your olive oil and start mixing!! I like to use my hands but you can be more civilized and use a spoon

I start by stuffing in the middle of the artichoke and then spreading the leaves open and adding more crumbs to each leaf.

Should look nice and plump with stuffing...

Slice the other half if the lemon and place some slices in a big pot with some water at the bottom. Just enough water to cover the heart of the artichoke. No drowning...

So pretty... You can squeeze more lemon if you want for more flavor. Cover with a lid and turn on heat to med-low. I steam them for about 30 minutes.

Smells lemony !!

The ends of the leaves should be soft when eating. Only way to tell is by tasting one. If not soft just place them back in for ten minutes. Enjoy!!

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