How to Bookmark in Style

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Mine your recycling bin for prettily patterned security envelopes from bank statements, credit card bills, government agencies, etc.

Gently rip open the sides of the envelope, then find a good sized area of the paper, keeping in mind what's on the reverse.

For a quickie placeholder, we can just use the paper piece naked. It could be ripped out...

... or neatly cut.

However, for a still slim, but less crumple-prone bookmark, we can laminate the paper with clear packing tape. Read on!

Cut a length of tape a bit longer than your paper bit, and lay it sticky side up.

Lay the paper on top of it by beginning with one end and rolling the rest down.

Cut another piece of tape and lay down on the back in the same way, pressing the tape down a line in the centre and smoothing outward. Applying it in this way will reduce...

... bubbles and creases in the tape like this.

Cut off the fingerprints...

...and trim as desired.


Try leaving some areas transparent....

...layering shapes...

...or other papers, like giftwrap scraps, magazine cutouts, or handwritten notes.

Then go clean your sticky scissors with a little rubbing alcohol.

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