How to Make the Original Fusilli Al Sugo Con Le Melanzane

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Tomato pulp

Fresh onion

Cut the fresh onion

Then cut again the fresh onion, make little dices

Now the eggplant!

Cut stripes of eggplant....

And the again make dices

Put some olive oil in the pan

In warm oil (not too hot, otherwise will burn) put the onion dices and let it fry

Meantime fill a pot with enough water to cover all the fusilli

I use a medium pot

Put the pot with water on fire until the water will boil

When boiling add some coarse salt

Coarse salt o sale grosso in italian

I'm cooking for two, this salt is enough

After the salt, while boiling, put the Fusilli in the water. Remember, the cooking time indicated in the pasta package, is just a number!! You have to taste the pasta every few minutes.

Add the eggplant dices to the fryng onion

Mix everything adding some green pepper and fresh rosemary

I've used green pepper but of course u can use also black pepper


When all the mix changed its colour and the eggplant is ready (taste it!), add the tomato pulp and mix. Always use a wood spoon or similar made with wood!!


Add to the tomato mix, some fresh basil!


Cut it in stripes! The basil perfume is the summer smell!


Mix it! Do everything with love, enjoy all the perfumes!


The pasta is almost ready! Prepare the colander. ( scolapasta in italian)


It's scolapasta time!


Move the colander in order to better remove all the water


Now add the pasta to the tomato mix and mix it!


Use always wood!


Looks great!


Cover it if u have to serve it later!


Add some real Parmigiano cheese and enjoy it!


Enjoy with a good italian red wine! Here I have a great Ombrone.

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