How to Install a "Magic Mesh" Hands Free Screen Door

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The kit - available from different retailers.

Before installing the screen - door from garage into kitchen.

Screen laid out on floor.

Velcro attached in positions recommended by screen maker.

Line up top Velcro tab with center of door. Remove exposed white cover and attach to door.

Finish this side by attaching the other two Velcro tabs at top. Also attach the velcro tabs to the side of the door.

Start hanging the other side.

Complete attaching the Velcro tabs to the side of the door frame.

Voila! Completed!

The white dots on top are just light reflections on tack heads. Recommend installing - they are in the kit. They add strength to the installation.

Completed scene with door opened to kitchen.

This installation took me about 1 hour - mostly just reading the instructions. Hopefully, just seeing these photos will make it quite easy for you to do. Let me know if this helps.

Watch the video: Magic Mesh Magnetic Hands-Free Screen Door Review u0026 Install

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