How to Cook Carb-Free Rice

A perfect substitute for rice is cauliflower rice!! It has a great texture and tastes awesome. You'll be consuming way less carbs this way!!

Cut the flower into big sized florets

Bring water to boil and steam the florets for about 3-5mins

Rinse with cold water. This makes the florets to remain firm

Take a floret and grate away! You can put them in blender too! Personally, I prefer to grate - I like the texture this way

Yum! Look at that my rice is almost ready.

Sprinkle of black pepper and a tiny dollop of clarified butter/ghee to season

Some greens on the side and some curry on the top - eating rice has never been so guilt-free :) Stay healthy y'all

Ohh one more thing! You can Store away extra florets into the refrigerator cling wrapped.

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