How to Make a Two-Stringed Bracelet!

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Start with some string. Buy them at any local craft store for about 50 cents for 9 yards.

To find out how much string you're going to need for your wrist, wrap the type of string you want around it, and add 3 inches more of length to it. Then do the same to a different string.

For examplemy wrist length, 5 1/2 inches, plus, 3 inches. I chose a theme of blue greens and browns.

Tie a knot at the end of BOTH strings together, and add a round bead(not a long like the pic!) Then tie another to lock it in.Start adding beads:)many little beads ,one big, one big, little beads etc.

By the wayy, to help you with the small beads use a very thin wire to help ya! Cut off about an inch, and fold in half. See next picture for example.

Fold over string(s). And use this story lol. The birds 'beak'(wire) bites the 'worm' (string) and goes through the 'tree' (bead).

Pull through! That really helps with tiny beads! To fasten it, I put the first round bead I put on the bracelet in a little opening I made at the end of the bracelet.

Finished product!:) Your friends wont believe you made it!

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