How to Cook a BBQ Beef Brisket

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Brisket is fatty. Protects the meat and forms a nice crust.

Sprinkle with coffee grounds....... Unused grounds btw

Slather with mustard then sprinkle with rub. Massage into meat.

Soak your chunks 4 hours changing water once.

Smoker set at 225 for 14 hours. No need to add more chips or chunks. Honestly after 2 hours you can take out and finish in the oven. 225. Plus your house will smell kick ass.

Happy family

After 12 hours I when you hit 190 for 45 minutes remove wrap tight in foil and cook another hour.

Place in an empty cooler wrapped in towels for an hour to rest. Slice against the grain very thin. Enjoy

Slice thin enjoy

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