How to Make Wicked Good Lemon Cookies

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Get all the ingredients to make the cookie dough ready

Set the powdered sugar aside in a bowl for later

Pre heat oven to 375 degrees

Pour box of lemon cake mix into a mixing bowl

Push cake mix to the edges of bowl to create a ditch of sorts

Add all wet ingredients to the ditcheggs, oil, & extract

Beat wet ingredients slightly with a fork

Then mix wet & dry together with a spatula. This dough is a bit sticky, you might think you need more liquid but you do NOT. Just keep working it :)

Stop mixing when it looks like this

Get your powdered sugar and a spoon ready!

I take a healthy tablespoons worth for my cookies, cookie size is a preference so feel free to do more or less and adjust baking time accordingly

Plop in powdered sugar and roll all around till covered

Place on cookie sheet with plenty of room to grow!

I bake my larger cookies for 10-11 minutes and they come out perfect and chewy, for smaller cookies I would play more with 8-9 minutes

When done place on a cooling rack till firm. When they first come out they are a little squishy. They are very yummy! Salty, Sweet, & Refreshing with a nice iced coffee, Enjoy ;)

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