How to Make Veggie Pizza!

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First we make the dough! 3/4 cup warm Water, 7g of dried yeast, sugar and salt. Mix and set aside till bubbly!

In a big old bowl, two cups of all purpose flour...

Add two tablespoons olive oil!

Then add the yeast mixture

Mix and knead...

Till it looks like this. I throw some oil on it too

Prepare your veggies

I'm adding some bacon and pepperoni

Some olives, sundried tomatoes and tomato paste - from the deli

Fry off bacon and pepperoni

Grill veggies till delicious

Your dough should now look like this

Preheat oven, with pizza stones in... If you use trays don't preheat them

So this is all our ingredients

And this is them all thrown onto a rolled out pizza base

Add some mozzarella

And cook!

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