How to Fold a Dollar Bill Into a Shirt

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Start off with a crisp dollar bill

Fold it in half length wise

Then unfold that and fold the ends toward that middle crease you just made

Now flip it over and fold about a quarter inch of the top down

Then flip it over again and fold the top inwards ( this will be the collar)

Now fold the other end about a third of the way down

And then fold again so it reaches the "collar"

Unfold the last two steps and then fold like this

Do the same to both sides these will be the sleeves

Now refold the end back to the collar with the sleeves now added

Now tuck in the short under the collar

Now you are done :)

For a challenge try a candy wrapper :)

Watch the video: Origami Dollar Bill Star tutorial John Montroll 折り紙 星 ヒトデ $1 dollar estrella billete


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