How to Change a Bike Tire

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get a tire

remove the wheel

release air from the tube

get tire levers

place the two tire levers in between the tire and the rim

pry the tire from the rim

run one tire lever along the inside of the rim to pop out one side from the rim

remove the tube from the wheel

after removing the old tire, find the valve hole on the rim

line up the logo on the tire with the hole

put one bead of the tire in the rim all the way around

put a little air into the tube

put the valve of the tube through the valve hole

stuff the tube in the tire

stuff the other bead of the tire in to the rim. be careful not to pinch the tube between the rim and the tire bead.

now for the very last part... push the valve up so the tube stays in the tire before snapping the final bit of bead in to the rim

sometime tires can be tough. I use a tire lever to pop in the last bit.

flip the lever up and push the rest of the tire on

go around the tire and look to make sure the tube isn't overflowing under the tire bead. this will give you pinch flats!

find the pressure of the tire ( its written on the outside of the tire) and inflate to that level. don't be afraid to inflate to the maximum recommended pressure. it won't explode.


put the tire back on and you're done

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