How to Achieve a Summer Glow!

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Use a moisturizer on your clean face, let it sit for 5 minutes before moving on to the next step!

Apply a primer all over your face, I'm using ulta's redness reducing primer from their professional's line

Apply an all over face powder, this will help blend and conceal the harsh lines made by the contour bronzer

Finishing touch! Keep swiping to see an awesome eye and lip pairing with this look!

Mascara, cream eyeliner, pink, almost nude, lip gloss, light pink/pearl eyeshadow, neutral brown/grey eyeshadow. Shader brush, liner brush, blending brush, primer potion

Light in inner corners and under brow, dark blended out on outside corners. Subtle liner, lots of mascara!

Summer waves, cute top and BAM!

Watch the video: PREPARE WITH ME FOR SUMMER 2019. Summer Glow Up!!

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