How to Use Instagram

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First install Instagram.

Press install

Wait for it to load

To sign up press ok. If not then just sign in.

Fill out info

So here's what you see in the button. Use this step to refer back to the buttons.

Ok, we will start from the right side. (the info icon). This is basically were you edit your profile, see your photos, check your followers( similar to twitter) etc.

(refer to pic 6)The circle with the heart and notification icon, is we're we see what everyone's up to on Instagram. The pik above is of those that you are following.

The one on the right is news about you. Here you can see comments likes and people who are following you.

(refer to pic 6) here is the camera icon, when you want to upload a picture. There's many ways to edit your photo

As you can see here they give you some effects.

(refer to pic 6) here's the star AKA the popular page. For those pics that get lots of likes there featured here.

(refer to pic 6) Home button, main section This is one of many pictures that you'll find

If I double tap the pic it means that I'll like it and you can see the effect that happens.

From 80 - 81

If you scroll down you can see that it's now liked by me. And you can comment on the pic

You can write whatever you want. But here I can press the @ symbol and now mention a friend and write to him

When I press s it gives me a list of the usernames that start with s

Looking at his profile which I cannot show, you can see I'm currently following him. If I press it again I will unfollow him.

See. Now pressuring it again means I will follow hom


Wooohooo! Now I know the basics of Instagram

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