How to Do Your Makeup for an Interview

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I have dry skin so I need to put on some type of lotion so my skin isn't falling apart. I use vitamin rev-er upper by bare minerals but any lotion is fine preferably one thats facial

Okay u have a bit of acne and blemishes so I use this concealer pen by elf to put on all the marks to hid the blemishes if your skin is perfect skip this

Now but your favorite eye liner on normally under the bottom eyelid

Now add a eyelid primer this helps the eye shadow stay in place and last longer

Now using any white or very light eye shadow with a small brush spread it everywhere around your eye lid especially the inner corners this will add definition to your eyes

I used this kit by Alway but any brown and light brown eye shadow will work

Apply the dark brown eyeshadow as so using a small brush

Now using the light brown eyeshadow and another brush spread in the middle of eye lid this will blend the two colors together and make it blend

Now using the white eye shadow again and the same brush you used to put it on your lid with re touch the inner corners of your eyes to make it pop more

If you like your eyebrowns skip this but mine are a bit invent so I go over it with an eyebrow kit by elf any eyebrow kit or brow pencil is good to use

Now using a white eye liner go over the bottom of your eye lids like as if your putting eye liner again. Make sure only from the inner corner to middle of eyes. This makes your eyes appear bigger

So far how it looks

I use Loreal true match without the roller foundation

Apply with clean fingers under eyes on Jose and around nose this will brighten up you face oh and if you have blemishes this can help erase then a bit better

Now using blush pick a mellow color not too bright nor dark these colors are better when going out not an interview. The color I pick is the one my brush is on

Now make a kissy face this allows you to see where your cheek bone is and it is where you need to apply the blush.

Now use your favorite lipstick for te final touch I tend to use darker colors for a professional look and brighter when going out

Finished and good luck

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